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icon A New JayHawk Mom 2009

Saturday was a wonderful experience for our family. My daughter Jessica Dusek is on your junior white squad.  We work really hard and are sacrificing in order to send her to your gym. Of course winning is good, but the way all our squads performed and how great our gym looked (uniform, makeup, hair, performance,sportsmanship, and supporting each other) was what really made it a great experience.  I feel we have the best coaches, choreography, music, and leadership.  I have already spoken to you about sending my other daughter next year and she is very excited to be a part of the CDA family.  I also own a business and know how this is your whole life.  I also took my 3 children with me to work when they were little and love that your gym is a family business.  We appreciate how you are training our girls.

Thank You
Jennifer Lofton

icon Janette Walker- 3rd Year JayHawk Mom


Thank you so much for the email about Maggie.  I can't express to you how much she loves being a Jayhawk and how much Clif and I enjoy being part of the Jayhawk family.   We have been at the gym for three years now and have had nothing but positive experiences.  You run a top notch operation and you and your staff should be very, very proud.  I know we are!  Thank you for everything!

Janette Walker

icon Rocky Oliver- Youth White parent

My name is Rocky Oliver, and I am the proud parent of Robin Oliver on the Youth White team. I haven't written to y'all before, but after their performance yesterday I felt compelled to do so.

Robin is having a BLAST as an Atlanta Jayhawk. She loves her team, her instructors, and she is so proud and enthusiastic about being a Jayhawk and performing the best she can for her team. The kind of spirit and enthusiasm displayed by Robin and the rest of the team isn't "just there", it comes from the top - from Kelly, to Donna, the awesome instructors, and right down to the team parents. Our kids thrive in the environment created at CDA, and the one place it shows the most is on that competition stage, when they're excited, enthusiastic, and performing as one unit with an infectious spirit.

The parents of some of those other teams must be thinking, "why doesn't our team perform like that?"
I know I would, after seeing the enthusiasm and precision of the Jayhawks compared to many of those other teams.

I appreciate what being an Atlanta Jayhawk means to Robin - and I am reminded of this at every event we attend.

Thanks, and GO JAYHAWKS!

(1st year JayHawk Dad)

icon Youth Novice Mom- Michelle Alverson


Thanks so much for such an awesome opportunity.  The weekend in Indy was great! I
know I sent you an email earlier in the year but again I want to say how
proud that I am to be a part of your gym.  I own my own business so I
understand some of the things you must deal with and I want say you do an
AWESOME JOB.  It shows with you, the coaches, the parents, and kids.  It is
really cool how the coaches get along with each other and you. You can tell
they respect you and you respect them.

Michelle Alverson


icon A letter from a Ohio!

 Hello! I just wanted to congratulate your teams on a job well done in Indy! Our Junior 3 once again came in 2nd at Jamfest Supernationals. I was teasing my daughter and said that those GA teams get us every year!  Of course my entire family is from GA, so it's tempting to move back! Anyway, all your cheerleaders and parents that I met over the weekend were awesome. It was sweet that they (parents) clapped during our dance and felt bad when our middle stunt bombed! It's nice to know that you are competitive with a class-act organization! Good luck with the rest of your season! If we ever do move back to GA, I will surely check your gym out!

Ohio Cheer Explosion

icon Tim Long- JayHawk parent of 3!


I wanted to send you a quick note thank you for everything you and your staff do. I wanted to let you all know the appreciation I have for you and your staff.

As I look back at this weekend I am amazed that every one of the Jayhawk teams placed so high in a competition of 466 plus teams. I don't know of many Gyms that can say that. Congratulations to you and your staff on preparing these kids to perform on that level! I hope that accomplishment is recognized by all.  I know from being a coach in the past, and an athlete at the Division 1 level for football, sometimes it is hard to be pleased with anything but 1st place.

We came from a small Gym of 2 teams and 27 total kids. I was concerned of moving from a small family atmosphere to a BIG gym and my kids just being a number. Through the past 8 months those concerns are gone, especially after this weekend.  We know we made the right move to become part of the Jayhawks family....and family it is. I heard several new parents make the same comment this weekend. The coaches and staff truly care about these kids... from Mitch, a high school kid, carrying ashton down the stairs when he cut his knee open, to Coach Jami turning to Mary Cate to provide some help when she came in the gym to work on her layouts. Jamie didn't have to say anything to her as she was teaching a tumbling class at the time.  Donna at the front desk that takes the time to learn or try to learn every kid and their parents name. Those little things don't go unnoticed by me and I hope others.

Thank you to you and your staff for making the investment in our kids.

Go Jayhawks!

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Tim Long


icon Junior Novice Mom- Averi Woodward


As you know, we have just recently moved from Colorado, where we were with
2 different cheer schools.  I just wanted to let you know that you are
doing a great job of running your business.  I have never seen a Gym so
organized and delivering such consistent,positive and when necessary firm
communication.  Jordan and our family are enjoying your program.

Thanks for all you do!

Averi Woodward
Junior Novice JayHawks Mom


icon Duluth High School

Cheer and Dance Atlanta provides our squads with excellent training from certified professionals.  The staff at CDA is always willing to help our squads learn the techniques they need to be competitive with other cheerleading programs in the state.  I am constantly impressed with the creativity from the instructors and pleased with the routines they choreograph.  CDA not only teaches skill, but they also promote sportsmanship among the different schools that come to their gym.  It is great to know that other schools in the surrounding areas are cheering us on and that we can cheer for them too.  I will continue to send our squads to CDA because I know they provide the best training around.  "To be the best, train with the best!"

Lindsay Norcom

Duluth High School
Head Cheerleading Coach

icon Central Gwinnett High School

Cheer and Dance Atlanta is AWESOME.  Their facility is AMAZING and their instructors are knowledgeable and helpful.  Central Gwinnett High School has been under the direct instruction of Neil Hinders this competition season and couldn’t be more pleased!!! Neil is so respectful and helpful and pushes the girls to be their best.  Not only is Neil invested in our squad and our potential to succeed, but there is rarely a day we aren’t offered help, comments, praise or advice from another instructor or staff member.  At CDA we are truly a family and are always working to support each other and the girls' success.  I am so thankful to have found such a first-class gym.  Thank you, CDA, for making this competition season so exciting for us.



Kristen Thompson

Central Gwinnett High School

Head Cheerleading Coach

icon Donya Abel- Mill Creek

Hi Kelly,

I am a coach for Mill Creek Association and came to the stunt clinic tonight. I just wanted you to know that it was the best clinic I have been to! Granted I have only been to a handful however, you and your staff were by far the best! You guys made everyone feel they could ask anything without feeling that their questions were not the most intelligent. I was so impressed by the friendly, helpful, and positive professionals you presented to us. Not only were they all willing to help us, they were ready to happily stay with us until we felt like we were comfortable with the stunt. Not once did I get the impression that your staff was there just because they needed to get a paycheck (which happened at the last clinic I went to). The caring and friendly atmosphere continued to follow me as I left the building. I had at least 5 or more staff members say “goodnight and thanks for coming” to me when I left. That’s the kind of place I want my child to be around. There are many gyms out there closer to me however I plan on bringing my daughter to sign her up at your gym due to the positive experience I had.

Once again, thank you and your staff for making a night I wasn’t looking forward to (based on past experience), into a wonderful, informative and positive experience!

Thanks so much,

Donya Abel

Mill Creek 7th grade coach

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