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A tumbling mom's perspective

Dear Kelly

I just wanted to take a moment to bring something to your attention. My daughter, Zoey, is five and takes tumbling on Thursdays with Coach Rick with the Chattahoochee class. She just started with CDA in November. Before starting with CDA she was extremely shy and timid. She has never been a risk taker and always extremely cautious ~ so when she said she wanted to sign up for the class I had my reservations as to how she would do. Her first lesson I had to dry some tears and pry her off of my legs just to get her into the gym.

She has made so much progress in the short amount of time she has been with CDA. She almost immediately took to Coach Rick ~ which is amazing. They instinctively knew how to make her feel safe and comfortable. She still isn't a huge risk taker which may make her progress a little slower than others, but as a Mom I am so pleased with how she is doing. Every week I have to smile when I see her and she is running around skipping, attempting cartwheels, laughing with the other kids having so much fun ~ and she even talks and laughs with her coaches (she has family she has known since birth that she still hasn't spoken to, so it is a huge deal).

There is so much more to this program than just learning a bunch of tricks. Your coaches have brought so much to my little girl's life. She shines when she is in class and it lasts. The self confidence boost that your coaches have given her has spread to all aspects of her life (school, friends, girl scouts etc). Seeing her now you would never believe that she is the shy, timid child I described earlier. She has developed discipline. She comes home and moves all the living room furniture to practice cartwheels, handstands an her bridge walks. She runs around the yard because she needs to get stronger so she doesn't get hurt. It is precious. She adores her coaches. They have transformed my daughter's life and I am so grateful. I thank them both from the bottom of my heart and I thank you for hiring such wonderful caring and patient coaches.


Julie Marion