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A new parent at CDA!

Hi Kelly,

I thought I send you an email to tell you and your staff thanks. My daughter, Spencer 9, was a gymnast until this past December. She was a level 5 moving to level 6. She had a wrist injury that was not healing due to the 14+ hours a week she was spending training. She and I decided she needed to do something different. We investigated all options that included continuing to tumble and ended up picking cheer. Since we live in Hamilton Mill we visited a few gyms that were close to our neighborhood. One we visited on 3 separate occasions. After each visit we still didn't feel that it was going to be a good fit. We decided to try your gym and were very surprised how different it was. The amount of time stretching and conditioning was exactly what we missed at the other gyms. When the class started I could instantly see that it was going to a good place for her. The coach was great and the understanding that it was more than just tumbling across a mat was perfect for us. I feel that with your gym, Spencer is not going to lose her flexibility or her strength.

Also, wanted to thank you for having such an organized front office staff. They were very nice and answered every question I had. We signed the paperwork the 2nd visit and she is now enrolled in a Level 3 Tumbling class and a jumps class. Spencer is enjoying the classes along with having some free time at home.

Tami Chiu