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Rocky Oliver- Youth White parent

My name is Rocky Oliver, and I am the proud parent of Robin Oliver on the Youth White team. I haven't written to y'all before, but after their performance yesterday I felt compelled to do so.

Robin is having a BLAST as an Atlanta Jayhawk. She loves her team, her instructors, and she is so proud and enthusiastic about being a Jayhawk and performing the best she can for her team. The kind of spirit and enthusiasm displayed by Robin and the rest of the team isn't "just there", it comes from the top - from Kelly, to Donna, the awesome instructors, and right down to the team parents. Our kids thrive in the environment created at CDA, and the one place it shows the most is on that competition stage, when they're excited, enthusiastic, and performing as one unit with an infectious spirit.

The parents of some of those other teams must be thinking, "why doesn't our team perform like that?"
I know I would, after seeing the enthusiasm and precision of the Jayhawks compared to many of those other teams.

I appreciate what being an Atlanta Jayhawk means to Robin - and I am reminded of this at every event we attend.

Thanks, and GO JAYHAWKS!

(1st year JayHawk Dad)